Top things to do in Malaga Spain


I would say this hotel is a great corporate and leisure hotel. The staff is extremely helpful and the hotel receives a lot of groups and hosts numerous sport events but remains well-suited for individual travelers too. You will have the choice between 4 different pools, tennis and basketball courts and several restaurants in this full resort in Fuengirola – a little city south from Malaga itself (20 minutes drive).

A train can take you there from the airport and then the hotel has a shuttle that does TRAIN STATION – HOTEL every hour or so. Or you can just get there with a car of course. The definite attraction for me was the rooftop bar and pool. Just a chill place where they play music and let you sunbathe all day. You’ll have to rent a couch to enjoy it for 25 euros/day but it’s worth the view.

The only slight downside was that the region is under a lot of construction and that applies to the hotel. It will reopen in June 2019 so hopefully all work in progress will be completed by that time.

Their rooftop pool at sunset with a glass of Cava. It can’t get better than that…
The sunset from the rooftop – cotton candy skies


  1. Gran descripción de Málaga, casi casi pensaba que ahi estaba. Tienes buena estructura narrativa y es interesante como asociado comentarios anteriores con el actual. Felicidades y un abrazo

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