Top things to do in Malaga Spain


The Jeep tour was definitely the most exciting activity we did on site. I love taking fun vehicles to do activities…bikes, boats, weird cars or buggies – to me, they are all a great way to discover the surroundings. Bobby and I are actually thinking of grabbing a helicopter tour in Hawaii next month ! So this guided excursion was really something I was looking forward to. As I was there on work duty, we created a fun scavenger hunt to entertain the client as part of a team building. The participants had to go and pick local fruits and plants (almonds, mint, avocados etc). The landscapes and the fauna are just wonderful and worth seeing. It does get really hot in August so make sure to plan to pack sunscreen, light clothing and tons of water :).

Pit stop : In Monda, stop at the Castillo de Monda – a lovely castle in the heights where they have a terrace and a little coffee. It’s so beautiful and the staff if really friendly.

Views from Castillo de Monda
Arabic influences on the architecture
So green and beautiful in May
But it gets dryer in the summer
Our jeeps making their way through the mountains
I didn’t lie when I say it was a lot of fun 🙂


  1. Gran descripción de Málaga, casi casi pensaba que ahi estaba. Tienes buena estructura narrativa y es interesante como asociado comentarios anteriores con el actual. Felicidades y un abrazo

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