Top things to do in Malaga Spain

Best spots to eat in Malaga

Fooood as you know is my second love after Bobby ;). In this line of work, we are lucky enough that we check twice the restaurants. The first time you need to make sure you have enough space and that the food and service are good. The second time is just about enjoying and making sure everything runs smoothly with the client.

Anyway, the food scene in Malaga is very authentic and typical of the south of Spain. You’ll be able to find amazing bodegas where you can have tapas, fish, sea food and good wines.

Below is my list of must-tries :

1.EL PIMPI : A beautiful, incredibly typical bodega where you should grab tapas. This place is the real deal ! You have more than 4 different spaces where you can enjoy the Spanish decoration : tiles, flowers, religious objects and pictures of celebrities and famous people who came there. The food is great and the ambiance is just crazy loud. They have flamenco night on Tuesdays which makes the whole thing even better during summers. They also have a terrace which is lovely for the hot summer nights. But it gets extremely busy and you can’t really make a reservation.

El PIMPI, Calle Granada, 62, 29015 Málaga- €€ – website

2.BELUGA : I don’t have pictures of this restaurant unfortunately but I highly recommend it. This is where I spent my first night in Malaga, trying out wine and tapas such as bull-tail croquetas (which are so so so good, I swear). Bull tail tastes like beef just a little stronger but it’s really more delicious than I expected. And I mean croquetas… I can’t compete with those fluffy pieces of heaven. The restaurant is upscale and the prices are definitely higher than at EL PIMPI but the setting is way quieter. You will find the restaurant at the corner of a beautiful secluded plaza in the city centre. I suggest you eat on the terrace, which has a very convivial atmosphere 🙂

Beluga, Plaza de las Flores, 3, 29015 Málaga – €€€€ – website

3. EL PALMERAL : The big plus of this restaurant is location. You’ll find this place right on the port, with view on the boats and the water. The walk along the port after dinner is lovely and helps with digestion haha. This restaurant has 2 sides : 1 for groups and 1 for individuals. Obviously the side for individuals is way nicer (hard wood floors, glass ceiling, fountains and lights) whereas the other side has less charms (fake grass and barnum…). But overall the food was really good and you’ll be able to taste a typical dish from Malaga : pescaito frito (fried little fishes).

El Palmeral, Muelle 2 El Palmeral de las Sorpresas, 29001 Málaga – €€€ – website

4. EL HIGUERON : Located in the heart of the Fuengirola mountains, El Higeron was right next to our hotel and offers very pretty views on the coast. The food and drinks are so tasty. We had steaks, great red wine and dessert (of course) and it did not disappoint. Check it out if you want to get out of the city centre and try a beautiful setting with upscale food :).

El Higueron, Autovia de la Costa del Sol, Salida 217, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, €€€ – website

5.LOS PATIOS DE BEATAS : Finally, I did not properly eat there but we did meet with the owner and had the chance to try their wine and dried ham. It was really good and the building itself is so beautiful with tainted windows on the ceiling. You’ll have to make your own mind on this one but I think it could be a safe bet 🙂

Los Patios de Beatas, Calle Beatas, 43, 29006 Málaga – €€€ – website

6. ROOFTOP AT MOLINA LARIO HOTEL : Just for pleasure and grabbing a drink, get yourself up this rooftop that has a pool and amazing views on the Malaga Cathedral.

Molina Lario Rooftop, Calle Molina Lario, 20, 29015 Málaga – €€ – website

Beautiful sunset watching there


  1. Gran descripción de Málaga, casi casi pensaba que ahi estaba. Tienes buena estructura narrativa y es interesante como asociado comentarios anteriores con el actual. Felicidades y un abrazo

    Liked by 1 person

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