Homemade healthy jam

Strawberry jam has been my jam my whole life! Got the pun? Yeah it sucks, sorry…:) But I am not lying when I tell you, I used to be really fond of it. As a matter of fact, I was allergic to strawberries most of my childhood – but I loved them so much that I kept eating them and I ended up tackling the allergy.

It’s one of my cupboards favourites, but as you might know, the jams you buy in store are packed with sugar. And not the good kind. Jam makers usually use refined sugar and a high quantity of industrial fructose to make jams and jellies taste so delicious.

In an attempt to better our overall health, I decided to give a try to this healthy chia seed – fruits – agave or honey combo. And it’s the easiest thing to do. Not only is it really convenient to make, but it’s so much tastier too. You can feel the fruits and it’s not as sweet.

I’ll share with you the recipe below. Note that the quantities are a little arbitrary and you should taste throughout your recipe, to see if you want more sweet or more sour…

Prep time : 0 min – Cooking time : 20 minutes

Ingredients :

  • Fruits of your choice (I used a full box of blackberries + 1/2 box of raspberry – it should be around 4 cups of fruits total)
  • agave syrup or honey to taste
  • chia seed (enough to cover your fruits so around 1/4 cup)

Recipe :

  • In a saucepan, heat your fruits on high until they become soft
  • Mash the fruits with a potato masher (or a fork if you have limited tools)
  • Cover your fruits with your chia seeds and and agave/honey/maple syrup
  • Lower the heat to medium/low and keep mixing for 15 minutes
  • Put in a container and let it cool down
  • Once at room temperature, put your jam in the fridge for at least 2 hours to let it settle
  • Enjoy on crepes, bread, in a yoghurt 🙂

You can use just one type of fruits or mix them like I did here. I made one with blackberries and blueberries and it was way darker and a little sweeter. Each fruit will bring its own antioxidants, vitamins and colour ! Moreover, don’t forget chia seeds are a superfood so this jam is literally the best thing that could happen to you 😉

I think you’ll never see me eat regular jam again… what about you ?

Love, Coco

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