Yellowstone photos series : Grand Prismatic Basin

Grand Prismatic was my favourite volcanic activity in the whole park. This place is so much bigger than I ever imagined and both the colours and the warm air emanating from it are breathtaking. There are two ways to observe Grand Prismatic. The first one is to take the boardwalk to walk as close to it as possible. After that, you can drive a little further, park your car and hike up the overlook. I highly recommend you do both.

The boardwalk is great because it allows you to have a close look to the colours and the bacteria responsible for it. If there is a bit of wind, you’ll also have the opportunity to feel the warm air coming from the water. The second hike is not too long and moderately hard, allowing you to step away from the crowds and take a step back on how big this thing actually is! It still gets busy but you’ll find a spot to stay a few minutes and really enjoy.

The place is stunning either way. Grand Prismatic has a diameter of more than 112m (360 feet) and is as deep as 37m (120 feet). It’s the largest crater in the US and the temperatur of the water goes up to 70 C (158F).

COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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