Van build Weekend #2 and #3 : Flooring

Hello everyone and ahhhhhhhh ! We finished our floor. After 2 long weekends of planning, cutting, sanding, resizing, re-sanding etc etc, we eventually finished this big and important portion of our build. It took longer than what we thought and mostly because of ourselves. I’ll come to that later in the article. In the meantime, the process to install our flooring was the following :

  1. Before anything, we installed a sound deadener all over our floor/walls/ceiling.
  2. Think and test a wooden frame to support your plywood (we used 1.5 in by 1.5 in wood as well as 1 in x1.5 in)
  3. Make sure your wooden frame is level and sturdy
  4. Make templates to create your plywood floor (measure 700 times)
  5. Use template to trace on your plywood
  6. Cut the plywood to size with a jigsaw
  7. Test your plywood and put in into place – readjust sizing if needed
  8. Stick the frame with liquid nails
  9. Put the plywood on top of the frame, add a lot of weight and let it sit for 24 hours
  10. After 24 hours and once the wooden frame is sturdy and stable, start cutting your insulation to size
  11. Place insulation into slots
  12. Make sure your insulation holds in place with foil tape
  13. Screw your plywood to your wooden frame (we used 2 inches screws)

Now, a few disclaimers. Our van floor was beaten down and very uneven. This made the process really hard for us in order to make everything level. We had to add smaller pieces of wood in random flat spots to insure we had enough support where necessary. That’s the first thing that took an incredibly long time.

Additionally, we bought 1/2 inch polyiso foamboard insulation – which we realised would not be enough so we decided to double all of our insulation. Knowing our frame was already a maze, we had to cut customised pieces twice. Which took us probably 6 hours total.

That being said, you might go faster doing your own floor :).

our finished floor base

On the last picture you can see some painter’s tape on the floor. We taped it so we could have a good idea of where our frame is at all time. In the future, it should help us build on top of it and have support for our screws. This is the floor that we will have in the garage area (under the bed) as well as in our kitchen. Once the build is done, we will install laminate flooring where the rest of the floor is visible.


What we used for this step :

  • 1/2 inch plywood from Home Depot
  • Wood studs (1 by 1.5 in and 1.5 by 1.5 inch)
  • A Jigsaw to cut the plywood and the wood to desired size
  • 1/2 inch Rmax polyiso insulation boards
  • Foil tape – this is a great way to keep your insulation in place and it’s heat/cold proof
  • Kilmat sound deadener : this is totally up to you to use it but I can already say that we hear the difference. Our van was very noisy because of the metal vibrations and covering our walls, wheels and the floor with sound deadener really made a huge difference to us.
  • To apply the kilmat, you will only need a roller. We used a kitchen bread roller…
  • Jigsaw
  • Sanding paper
  • Liquid nails
  • 2in screws / drill

Here is a timelapse videos of us working on this :


Coco and Bobby

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