A few days in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte was a wonderful discovery to me. Until now, it had only been a city through which I had flown. Now, I know it’s a young, lively and beautiful place to live in. Full of colours, great cafés and breweries. Hopefully, we’ll be back! Huge thanks to our friend Travis for letting us crash in the van in front of his place and in his guest room too!

  1. A stroll through the city : South Charlotte and NODA

2. Two of our favorite spots : SALUD café and brewery + Optimist Hall

I highly suggest you try the lavender latte at SALUD. It’s the most delicious drink I’ve had.

Optimist hall is a food hall that overflows with great eats :). I can only vouch for Felix empanadas and Zukku sushi, which were both flavourful and tasty.

3. A few other spots we liked :

  • Us National Whitewater Center is a great spot to hike or do mountain biking. We took our dogs for a walk there.
  • Breweries such as : Wooden Robot, Resident Culture, Divine Barrel and Sycamore. All quite great with very tasty sour beers. My favourite of them all remains Divine Barrel, which had the DOUBLE RAINBOW sour craft beer that I recommend without a doubt.

And you, what are your favorite spot in the Queen City? Is Charlotte on your bucket list?



COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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