Great Lakes roadtrip

1000 miles, 3 days and a lot of fun. That’s how I can summarise briefly our Memorial Day weekend.

Traveling through 3 states in the middle of a pandemic promised to be a bit stressful but it actually went as smoothly as it gets. The only big difference we noticed is that we can’t camp or use the restrooms as easily as we used to. But that has not been an issue for us and we were able to both enjoy and maintain social distancing as well as current regulations.

We left from Louisville, drove all the way to Dayton, OH to spend the evening with friends. And on Saturday, we drove a couple hours towards Lake Erie. Lake Erie is the 4th largest lake of the 5 Great Lakes. So not the biggest one and not the one we preferred either. That is mostly due to the weather as we unfortunately saw Lake Erie under a huge mist. But we still enjoyed the lake shore as well as the small fruit/wine shop we stopped at.

My favorite part was Maumee State Park, a little closer to Toledo, where we laid down for a nap in front of the beach. Nola and Bobby were able to do what they love more than anything : People watching.

On Saturday night, we drove all the way up to a camping spot right in front of Lake St Clair. Definitely my favourite stop during the whole journey. We settled right in front on the lake, the sound of small crashing waves giving rhythm to our evening and morning. We cooked diner, watched the sunset, cleaned up and fell asleep of exhaustion. But on Sunday, we woke up rested and what a view for a cup of tea/coffee, right?

On day 3, we headed to Lake Huron (Port Huron to be exact). this great lake separates Michigan and the province of Ontario in Canada. It’s also the second largest lake and was originally called La Mer Douce, or “the freshwater sea,” by French explorers. The shade of the lake was so incredibly blue and we really enjoyed our time on the beach and in the surroundings. Looks like the lake is subject to very high current which is quite interesting so close to the shore.

That was our last step before driving to Detroit.

Detroit was empty really. The day was hot and stormy as the State was barely reopening. So we really explored without any crowd, which I really appreciated. Our friend Marie showed us around and we stopped for a while on the river front, staring at Canada in the eye. Downtown Detroit seems to be a fun place to live and we hope we can come back when restaurants and jazz clubs are open. That night, we spent time with friends before heading back to Louisville on Monday.

Just a lovely time across the Midwest ! Thanks to Fanny & Pierre as well as Marie & Etienne for letting us crash in their driveways and showing us a wonderful time. We’re thankful for lucky encounters like that.



COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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    1. Hi Katelon! It’s been a while I hadn’t posted, happy to see you’re still here and hope you are doing well :). We are so happy with the conversion yes! The van drives and works fantastic. We are just changing our table this week before leaving again next week. It’s a little flimsy and a bit noisy when we drive so we’re trying to change the way it’s built actually. That’s the great thing about small roadtrips – they really help with adjusting the build!

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