Exploring Mount Robson, a forgotten gem

Did you ever hear about Mount Robson National Park ? When you think of the Canadian Rockies, do you often hear about this park or do you just hear of Banff, Lake Louise & Jasper ? Maybe you hear about Yoho National Park and its fantastic Emerald Lake. Personally no one really told me about Mount Robson and I don’t get why. Because it’s a magnificent park.

Our experience in Mount Robson was unexpected and incredible. We were coming from the West (coming back from Prince Rupert on the coast) and got captivated and stunned by the beauty of the Mount and its surrounding wilderness. Today, I’ll talk to you about the hike we did on Berg Lake trail and I’ll give you a few tips so you can enjoy your time in Mount Robson a little better than we did by being prepared!

When we saw Mount Robson, we didn’t have any plan to stay there and were transiting towards Jasper. What a mistake it would have been. The second we laid eyes on the Mount itself, it made total sense to sleep close to it and go explore by foot the day after. Having no network in the area, we stopped at the Visitor Center and asked about available hikes. Only one was really appealing to us and was 19kms each way all the way up Berg Lake. If you’re in the area you should absolutely do this hike and go all the way at the end.

However to do this, without suffering, you might want to plan ahead and make sure you can camp at Berg Lake. For this, you’ll have to get a one-day pass (COVID procedure) + a camping permit in advance. Please note, dogs are allowed on the trail but you can’t camp with them in your tent. This is the reason why we ended up hiking a little too much in a day : trying to go as far as possible without camping. But it’s honestly impossible to reach Berg Lake and come back in a day (it’s 40kms roundtrip and the last 10kms are very steep) except if you take your bike for the first 7kms… which is possible and I would also have loved doing!

Anyway, after choosing our hike for the following day, we explored another pretty short trail called Overlanders Falls. This small hike is 1.2kms round trip and takes you across “bearland” (and summer is berry season!) all the way down a gatorade blue waterfalls, crashing against sharp quartzite. A true beauty to get you in the mood for the day after.

We slept at a reast area with views over Mount Terry Fox. Honestly not the most impressive mount in the are but his story is so beautiful I thought I would share it here. Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg in 1958. By the time he was 22 (in 1980) he had an amputated leg because of cancer and he decided to run accross Canada to raise money for cancer research. The goal was to raise 1 dollar each time he met someone on the way. So he left from the east, raised 24m CAD and made it to 143 days and more than 5,000kms. He ran the equivalent of a marathon every day. But by the time he reached Ontario, his cancer reached his lungs and forced him to stop his journey. He died a few months later but left a huge legacy in Canada.

On the way towards Mount Terry Fox that evening, we got crazy lucky to see a stunning black bear munching on berries right next to the road. We stayed there for a while, observing him and taking a ton of pictures.

On the next morning, we woke up early and headed towards our day trail. We ended up hiking only 14kms out of the 19kms (one way) of the hike, which led us to a long 29kms day. And even if we didn’t reach Berg Lake, which seemed to be grand on the pictures, we still saw Kinney Lake, the valley of a thousand falls and White Falls. All magnificient viewpoints. Like I said, plan to camp up there, I think it’s more than feasible to do 19kms in one day and 19kms back a second day. An other option is to bike for 7kms, hike for 24 round trip and then bike again for 7kms. And if you want to just enjoy Kinney Lake, that’s fine too because it’s BEAUTIFUL (especially with the morning light, it wasn’t as pretty when we came down in the afternoon) and that will be a 13km hike roundtrip.

Kinney Lake (morning light)

Valley of a Thousand Falls

This hike is one of the most beautiful we’ve done throughout the trip, even if it put us to our knees. The following day we stayed put and probably didn’t get out of bed all day. But that’s what we live for, beautiful views and challenges!

Anyone here has been to Mount Robson? Did you make it to Berg Lake ?


Coco, Bobby, Nola and Vanito!

COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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    1. Thank you so much Katelon!
      It’s totally recommended to do so but we didn’t, however we made tons of noise while hiking (some people use music, some people use bells) and we had our dog, who probably gets smelled by bears and they don’t get close at all :). We only saw bears while we were in our car (which I am more than happy with actually!)

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