A short video sneak peak into our van adventures



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  1. Absolutely beautiful adventure, thank you for allowing us to travel along to places we’ve never been to! May you have many more adventures just as beautiful.
    With fondness ~Barbara and Marc Schirato

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  2. What a fun video. I’m certainly enjoying sharing your journey. How many weeks/months was included in that video? Do you have a drone that takes the aerial and distance videos of your van and the both of you? What a great adventure. May it continue with joy and comfort!


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    1. Thanks so much Katelon, it’s been so fun to exchange with you about the trip! The video regroups 3 months (June-august) of travels 🙂 and yes we have a little drone. It’s a DJI Mavic Mini and it really is great for beginners like us who don’t know much about drones in the first place.



      1. How fun. Someday I’ll have to try one of those. I’m not very tech savy. I’ve seen some cool things done with a go pro, too…long motorcycle rides, underwater, 360 degree photos, etc.

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      2. Well if you do don’t hesitate to ask for advice here, I’ll be happy to share my little knowledge on the subject ;). We’ve never had a GoPro but I agree they are incredible too.. such good quality and versatility!

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