Fascinating Yoho National Park, BC

In 2018, when I was working in Barcelona as an event coordinator, I really enjoyed quiet nights in my small apartment in the neighbourhood of El Raval. Bobby and I were still in long distance and I usually liked to spend some weeknights alone doing something that felt resting. So I took on to do way more puzzles. And amongst all the puzzles I did, I had this very beautiful one of Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. I remember dreaming of going there one day.

Well, 2020 has not been too bad since I was lucky to finally go there ! I was scared I might be disappointed since I had spent so much time focusing on all the small details of the picture. But I quickly figured out Yoho and Emerald Lake are the kind of places that stun you the second you lay your eyes on it.

We had slept not too far from the road to the Lake so we could go early in the morning. By 6am we were in the parking lot of Emerald Lake. The loop around the lake is only 5 kms and is heavily trafficked. So not only did we go early (and saw almost nobody) but we also took another trail called Emerald Basin (4kms) to stay even more away from crowds. It’s a total of 9kms out-and-back trail that we really loved.

The early light on the lake was incredible.

Emerald basin is short (4 kms round trip) and a little bit steep (225m elevation gain) through the forrest and up a lateral moraine to a hydrological basin and avalanche area. Its a natural amphitheater basically. And we saw tons of beautiful wildflowers too.

When we got back down, the colour of the lake had changed. I preferred the views in the morning but it was still so incredibly beautiful.

After spending well half the day in Emerald lake vicinity, we headed towards Wapta Falls. They’re the highest falls on the Kicking Horse River (30m high) and they are so mighty people were getting soaked up from standing next to it.


Coco, Bobby, Nola and Vanito!

COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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  1. How wonderful to be able to see something in person that you had spent so much time with before with your puzzle. It’s like your puzzle was a vision board of sorts 🙂 You mention at one point that the hike is 9 km and then later 4 kms round trip?! It all looks so beautiful.

    Since you are in Canada, if you aren’t already familiar with him, check out Bruce Cockburn. He is a famous Canadian singer/songwriter, who writes amazing lyrics on top of his monumental guitar skills. To top if off he is a great humanitarian and long long time activist. I got introduced to him in 1975, have almost 30 of his albums and have seen him play several times. He is a hero of mine and he is still making music and putting out albums.

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  2. Yes I totally totally agree, it felt like a vision board to me. I feel so lucky to have experienced that and I hope I can do it all over again in other places soon!

    Yes, i’m sorry if it wasn’t clear but the loop around the lake is 5kms + the basin hike is 4kms which makes for a total of 9kms in the area. Maybe I’ll change that in the article to make it clearer :).

    I’ll go check Bruce Cockburn while I work on some stuff today, it sounds like I’m gonna love what he does! Thanks so very much for the recommendation,


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