BEST way to conclude a roadtrip ?

And so.. the dreadful time has arrived. Your roadtrip is over. You’ve spent 1 week, 3 weeks or 3 months on the road, adventuring all day every day ! Here comes what I call the “post roadtrip depression”. Real life just hits too hard.

Well, here is my solution to make it last a bit more, if not for ever! I was lucky enough to get offered a voucher to try out Saal Digital’s professional photo book line. And I’m so so happy I got to try it out because I think I’ll definitely go back to them next time I want to have a coffee table book that has meaning.

In this article, I’ll show you what the book looks like and give you my honest review of the most beautiful way to keep a souvenir from your roadtrip.

To start, the books are easy to make on SAAL’s platform. I loved how versatile their app is and how varied the templates are. You can print your pictures in full pages, double pages or create interesting patterns. I definitely took advantage of that.

Secondly, the book finishes are impressive. The cover is in faux leather and seems sturdy. The pages are thick and shiny, giving a very luxurious feel to the whole thing. The only small thing I don’t love is the title on the book. I thought it would look better but it’s not great. I would advise you don’t put one or just find a better font than the one I used.

I got a 120 pages book if I remember correctly. It makes for a heavy one but I like it that way! I wanted to print some memories in big to see if the quality of my own pictures was going to show.

Now, I love the album and it’s going to be my favorite memory of our roadtrip for sure but I have to say their products are not the cheapest ones. I got a $150 voucher to try their line and I ended up paying $60 extra to add pages. You can obviously do a smaller book and keep it under a $100. That was a personal choice and I don’t regret it. It was already hard to only pick some pictures out of the 8000 I took on our journey!

Last but not least, I wish their app had a way to tell you when your pictures don’t have the proper quality and that it’s gonna show a little foggy. I know some other apps do it and I think that’s a feature they should have. As a matter of fact, a couple big pictures came out unfocused on mine and I wish the app had told me I picked a quality that was too low.

Well, that’s all really. I’d conclude by saying their professional line, although kind of expensive, is totally worth it. The book is beautiful, the finishes are really well done and I can’t wait to get myself a proper coffee table to put this one on 😉 ! It will go right next to the one my mom got made for our wedding. I can’t stop looking at it since it made it home yesterday. Please note they only deliver in the US for the moment !



COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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  1. I was just thinking of you this morning, wondering how your move to Mexico and the new job was going.

    The book looks lovely. I have photos from 8 + years on the road, stored on my laptop and in blog posts. I’d love to have a book or two or three but I’d want to know if the quality was going to show up looking good or horrible first.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Katelon!
      How good to hear from you. It’s all going well here in Mexico. The move went smoothly and we’re all set. We have a lovely apartment and we took our rhythm. Bobby is loving his new job and I’m going through my search right now. We’re just very happy to move forward with our lives. Nola is also getting used to the heat, I don’t think she minds at all 🙂

      I love photo books but I get lazy sometimes and just like you I’m always worried about the quality. That’s why I kinda waited for the perfect opportunity and this Boucher was IT. I really like their products, I’m very happy about my purchase 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad to hear Mexico is working out for you all. Regarding the picture book, you did mention though that there isn’t a way to check the quality before you have it put in the book.

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